Yoko Pwno

Released 18th Dec 2018

Check out the video of the single.

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Guess What

18th Dec 2018

'Yoko Pwno are ahead of the game. They didn’t capture the zeitgeist. They are the Zeitgeist! 5 stars+'

An unbelievable tour de force on stage, a musical paradigm shift... trippy, diverse, innovative, unique and oozing raw natural talent and creativity. Easily one of the best bands around today!”
— New Hellfire Club Glasgow

“Getting funky with a fiddle and electronic beats not dissimilar to Alabama 3’s eclectic acid drum‘n’bass... they keep a disparate audience hooked.”
— The Skinny


“Debut single from their forthcoming album due for release on Skye Records in April 2019.”

Yoko Pwno are a Celtic/Techno crossover band from Edinburgh. The brainchild of 4 young players who met on the cities' diverse music scene, they feature the talents of:-

a classically trained violinist/singer (Lissa),

a fiddle playing acrobat (Lewis),

a techno-loving dance music producer (Calum)

and a self confessed 'gear nerd' drummer (Ali). 

They bonding over a shared love of whisky, wild places and raves in the woods. Their music is a genre violating mixture of fiddles, drums, reels, basslines and breakbeats, and has been compared to 'Underworld playing a ceilidh... on Mars'. Their influences include everything from Scottish acts like Shooglenifty and Martyn Bennett through to dance/electronic acts like the Prodigy, Submotion Orchestra and 4tet.

Skye Records
Isle Of Skye