Yoko Pwno

Part Machine 
Released 1 April 2022

Released 26 April 2019

Elastic Pwno Band 1 
Released 19 December 2019

Skye Records exclusive
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Released December 2020

Skye Records exclusive
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Yoko Pwno Hats

Dec 2020

“The Yoko Pwno hat, a must have for hiding that bald patch”
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Dec 2020

“Tea, whisky, petrol, this mug can take anything”
— Pwno Weekly

Pwno Mug

If, like us, you’ve had problems getting hot liquid into your mouth without scalding your hands, you’ll love this mug! Our logo is printed on the side in colour. The print is dishwasher safe, so your children can cherish it in years to come.

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Yoko Pwno Badges

Dec 2020

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Pwno Badges

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elastic cover

12th Dec 2019

“Getting funky with a fiddle and electronic beats not dissimilar to Alabama 3’s eclectic acid drum‘n’bass... they keep a disparate audience hooked.”
— The Skinny

Elastic Pwno Band 1

is the new mixtape from Yoko Pwno, available on December 12th from Skye Records.

Its 8 tracks include 2 remixes by Edinburgh techno stalwart Patrick Walker under his User Engine alias, Daniel McGurty's ambient/breakcore take on 'Shipwreck', an original Yoko Pwno track ('Get To Work') plus remixes of gaelic singer Izzy Flower, Scotland's first (and therefore best) all-female rap group The Honey Farm and 'baffling ned-punks' The Girobabies.

From 19th December 2019 the mixtape will be available from all major streaming services including Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

Elastic Pwno Band 1:

Produced by Iain Copeland

Additional Treatments by Calum Cummins

Cover Image - Alan Dodds

Engineered by Cabana and The Captain