Dolphin Boy

The Highland Swing 
Released 14th July 2018

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Guess What

Released on 14th July 2018

"Levy is happy to plough his own furrow. And, with Sketch remixed, that singular vision is set to be unleashed on a whole new audience"
Jonny Jobson - The National

The Highland Swing

It was in Knoydart, in the blurry aftermath of Hogmanay 2017 that Iain Copeland and I first started talking about this album.

I can’t remember whether we were still drinking or carefully nursing our hangovers but I know we were ridiculously happy to be there, and that we felt incredibly lucky to have been part of the celebrations (People who know Iain may be shocked at the idea of him admitting to feelings of joy but this actually happened).

It had been a proper Highland Hoolie/Tribal Gathering with folk coming from all over and we were waxing liquoural about playing to an appreciative audience and being paid fairly for our efforts. Our only complaint was that this kind of gig came up so rarely and that neither of us could afford to live the kind of extravagant lifestyles that we so obviously deserved.
We resolved to join forces and rectify this absurd, monstrous, injustish.. (..Yeah, we were still drinking).

For the previous few years Iain had been producing and touring his band, Sketch, and running Skye Records but was suffering from a lack of decently paid gigs and the general public's recent reluctance to pay for music.

I had been producing sample-heavy, bootleg-style music that was fine in that it I could play a unique DJ set and was able to make bespoke tunes for birthdays,
weddings, divorce parties etc. but I had nothing that I could legitimately sell to anyone.

We decided that he would send me the recordings from the previous two Sketch albums (Highland Time and Shed Life) and that I would recycle them in my own mysterious way. This album is the result of our faintly but fondly remembered conversation.
Apologies for any liberties taken, musically or otherwise.

Andy Dolphin

Skye Records
Isle Of Skye