A Northerly Land

A Northerly Land  - CD
A Northerly Land - Book of Poetry
Released on 2nd Dec 2013.

“A Northerly Land speaks to themes of local and seasonal migrations woven into centuries of cultural change. It speaks of who we are and where we come from, while also signposting where we are trying to go. The voices, in terms of instruments and spoken word, are immediate and international – but equally they are emphatically local and embedded in place and people.”
(Dr Isobel MacPhail, Mackay Country Community Trust)

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It’s not often that album endorsements come from leading academics – but then Iain Copeland’s debut solo release, A Northerly Land, is no ordinary album. Created during a year-long artist’s residency in the furthest north-west corner of mainland Scotland, as part of an innovative community history project, it’s a brilliantly multilayered, sumptuously textured tapestry of traditional and contemporary elements, live instrumentation and digital wizardry, music and the spoken word, by turns euphorically funky, thrillingly adventurous and profoundly moving.

George Gunn is based in Caithness where he lives and writes. Previously artistic director for The Grey Coast Theatre Company, George now concentrates on his writing and teaching in Thurso. A well kent name in the north, George was asked to produce some poetry for the Mackay Country project ‘Moving Times and Telling Tales’ some of which appear in this book.

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(For PD)

When times are good
when there is butter in the dish
& tatties in the pail
& the fish lies fresh & white
on the board by the sink
this is when I see the pattern
in the stone
& the runes hanging
in the West blown clouds
are all the instruction I need
to hear the birds in the birch trees
to follow the ageless black paths
signalled in the curls of your hair
how you are September & how you dance

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