Adam Sutherland

Some Other Land 

is the much-anticipated new album from leading fiddle player Adam Sutherland. His much-awaited second album was released at Celtic Connections on Friday 2nd February 2018.
Some other Land is full to the brim with self-penned tunes, with the majority of them written out of dreams. Waking in the middle of the night with a brand new tune in his head is a recent phenomenon for Adam and it has happened so regularly over the past year that it has become the undeniable theme of this new release. Adam, who is originally from Errogie - situated on South side of Loch Ness, plays with an array of high profile bands including Croft No. 5, Treacherous Orchestra and Session A9. For his latest release Adam has drawn together a genre-spanning quintet to showcase his all-new original compositions. Solidly under-pinned by John Paul Speirs and Iain Copeland on bass and drums, Adam's melodies are aided in texture by John Somerville on accordion, Marc Clement on guitar and Hamish Napier on keys.

Adam Sutherland on his latest album: "It was about a year ago that melody started coming to me in my dreams. 'Some Other Land' refers to this place of dreams and the album is made up mostly of tunes that have come to me in my sleep, during the rapid eye movement stage. Others were inspired by waking life, for example the moody 'Dusk on Loch Ness' (hyperlink to wav file) is a portrait of the end of the day, sighing trees, lengthening shadows and the onset of the night in the place I grew up. I am really excited to share this new album with the world, I am fascinated and so in love with melody - which is perhaps why it has started filling my dreams! I love composing new tunes in a modern but identifiably Scottish accent and I think this really comes across in this album."

Recently crowned Scottish Composer of the Year at the 2017 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, Adam's unique arrangements on Some Other Land deftly weave together strands from diverse genres into a work featuring frenetic Scottish reels, through subtly Balkan diversions to poignant slow airs all grounded on emotive, soulful melodies.

Released 2015

Adam has released his debut solo cd ‘Squall’ on his own record Label ‘Errogie Records’. You can of course buy this cd from Skye records as our very own Iain Copeland appears on the cd.

From Adam’s press release:-

“I have spent my whole fifteen year career entertaining people with my fiddle. That’s what I do. My music making has always had an air of spontaneity. I react to whoever is in the room or in the crowd at the time, and I just find it very hard to re-create that in the clinical atmosphere of recording studio. It’s so lonely in there on your own !”
Hence the need felt by Adam to record an album which he feels is a fair representation of his craft – entertaining folk in the here and now.
No overdubs, edits or autotune here. This will be real.

“I don’t know what it will sound like until it it happens. I mean, we (the band) will be playing arrangements of all my tunes and all that but I really have no idea how it’ll sound. That’s quite a lot of pressure, but I love the thought of it, in a kind of scary, ‘do or die’ way.”

The band is Marc Clement on guitar, Iain Copeland on drums, and John Spiers on acoustic and electric bass. The music will consist entirely of Adam’s own brand new tunes.

Adam has been a huge creative energy in some of the biggest and best live acts in Scottish folk music over the last decade or so. The Peatbog Faeries, Session A9 and The Treacherous Orchestra are only some examples of these. Adam is also one of Scotland’s most highly respected tune composers. Aged nineteen he penned arguably the most popular melody to emerge from Scotland in the last 20 years. ‘The Road to Errogie’ has been recorded by some of the giants of trad-music including Frankie Gavin, Mike Mcgoldrick, Sharon Shannon and Flook and is played in traditional sessions world-wide. Just punch the title into youtube to see clips uploaded by enthusiasts from the USA to Korea. Adam has also composed many other melodies that are now considered to be part of the tradition.

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