Nigel Hitchcock

Released 2019

The Snakeranch Sessions 
Released 1996

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Released 2019


Nigel brings his much anticipated solo release to the Skye Records, we helped him navigate through the process of the release and we're proud to be a part of helping this amazing album become both a physical and streaming release.

In his own words:-

"This album is titled ‘Hitchgnosis’ because it is a sum of the musical knowledge, or gnosis, that I have accumulated up until now. This music was inspired during my 5 years living in the Isle of Skye, when I was reading a lot of New Age and esoteric books, as well as some about quantum physics and A.I. I was falling back in love with life, and music, and as I stood on the rocks of this magnificent isle I imagined a musical journey through time and space, from the big bang and the forming of the rocks beneath me, through creation itself, gradually heading towards the present, where a beautiful blue sky gives us hope for a bright future. I have endeavoured to use the gnosis I have acquired to take the listener on this journey with me, so buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

Nigel Hitchcock”

Snakeranch Sessions Cover

Released 1996

The Snakeranch Sessions

The mythical Snakeranch sessions. Nigel's first solo release. Features a great line up and some red hot performances.

Nigel Hitchcock – Alto
Robin Aspland – Piano
Laurence Cottle – Bass
Ian Thomas – Drums

"Although this album was recorded in 1996, it had not come to my attention before and on hearing it I am very impressed. I knew Nigel was a musical genius, because I have heard him play on many concerts from his days as lead alto with NYJO, to a performance with the New Jazz Couriers at Coventry Jazz Festival last month.

Like myself, there is a considerable volume of jazz fans that like to hear standards played and Nigel obliges on this session. The music however is never dull; it is always inventive without getting so far away from the original chord sequence that you don’t know what is going on. Speak Low has always been a favourite tune of mine and this version gets the album off to a great start, the rhythm section is excellent with Ian Thomas driving things along with great authority. Nigel’s technical control of the instrument is exemplary and his ability to vary the sound adds to his improvisational armoury. In my opinion he must be destined to be a worldwide jazz star, but perhaps the fact that he is equally capable as a session man for any kind of music may prevent this."

Don Mather - Jazz CD Reviews

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