Roag Preview


Released October 2006

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Guess What

Released on October 2006

fROOTS-UK “This recording is a credit to the versatility of the pipes and the musicianship of four top-notch artists” – Sing Out magazine-USA


Recorded in Roag on the Isle of Skye at Skye Records, the album is an energetic mix of traditional material together with tunes from some of the best pipe tune composers of today, many of which have never been previously recorded. Pipedown are Lee Moore (Highland pipes and smallpipes), Steve Reid (Acoustic Guitar), Axel Campbell (Mandolins) and Steve Fivey (Percussion).

What they said about ‘The First Measure’

“The thing that makes Pipedown fun to listen to is the relentless invention of the arrangements.” – Dirty Linen-USA “Apparently there are some that claim not to like the sound of pipe music. Maybes they listen to the wrong CDs? Maybes they should listen to this one?”

The Living Tradition-Scotland. “A syncopated backline with attitude and lots of high octane sets of tunes from Bulgaria, Brittany and the British isles keep the feet tapping all the way.”

"The quartet does a splendid job of blending traditional pipe and fiddle music with backbeats, syncopations and great string arrangements. It’s a great sound; and, if you thought you didn’t like pipe music, or the usual pipe repertoire, check this out." Songlines UK

Skye Records
Isle Of Skye