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Part Machine

Released 1 April 2022 

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Part Machine Cover


...Yoko Pwno are doing something very inspiring; if you have any interest in the lineage of folk music at all you should listen to this album.

'Superbly creative and skilfully executed, Part Machine has certainly opened my ears to Yoko Pwno. I even understand their name now.'
- Alex Monaghan - Living Tradition

Part Machine

The album was recorded remotely by the band members over 2 years, with work taking place in locations from Edinburgh to the Orkneys via the small Norwegian island of Fedje and of course the Isle Of Skye.
‘Part Machine’ explores subjects from reliance on technology and psychiatric meds to burned-out Hollywood stars, ground-breaking female swimmers, and bars in Leith, Edinburgh and New Orleans.

Musically, the band take their Trad music leanings to a new level without losing any of the irreverent genre mashing and dance music flavours that characterised their debut album ‘Artefacts’.

Yoko Pwno’s twisted, irreverent take on Scottish folk music brings joyful, louder-than-life energy to the party whenever they play. Formed in Edinburgh in 2013, the band performed at raves in the caverns beneath the city’s historic Old Town before graduating to a residency at legendary venue Studio 24, opening for world famous trad acts like Shooglenifty and The Treacherous Orchestra.
Since then Yoko Pwno have become regulars on Scotland’s festival circuit, releasing debut album ‘Artefacts’ in 2019.

Part Machine:

Produced by Iain Copeland

Additional Treatments by Calum Cummins

Engineered by Cabana and The Captain

Recorded at Skye Records - Isle of Skye

Mastered by Denis Blackham (Skye Mastering)

Layout and design by Jonathan Henderson

Skye Records
Isle Of Skye