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Released April 2019 

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Artefacts Cover

April 2022

'Yoko Pwno are ahead of the game. They didn’t capture the zeitgeist. They are the Zeitgeist! 5 stars+'

An unbelievable tour de force on stage, a musical paradigm shift... trippy, diverse, innovative, unique and oozing raw natural talent and creativity. Easily one of the best bands around today!”
— New Hellfire Club Glasgow


Stunning new album from Yoko Pwno! "The difficult 1st Album" - recorded and mixed on the Isle Of Skye, check out the info below.

Fronted by the twin fiddles of whisky-fueled folk maestro Lewis and classically trained RCS graduate Lissa, Yoko Pwno deliver a joyful fusion of original folk tunes, show-stopping vocals and quirky electronic beats.

At the back of the stage, drummer Ali and producer Calum are equally at home referencing dance crossover acts like Disclosure and Red Snapper as they are producers like Bonobo, Matthew Herbert and Neil Landstrumm.

Formed by Lewis and Calum in 2013, the band honed their craft with a residency at legendary Edinburgh club Studio 24. Lissa and Ali joined in 2016, and the band quickly became a fixture on Scotland’s festival circuit.

In early 2018 they started work on their debut album with producer Iain Copeland (Peatbog Faeries, Sketch). Working from Iain’s studio on the shores of Skye’s Loch Dunvegan, the band have developed their sound to meet the demands of an album release.

The emergence of Lissa as the lead vocalist has been a key development. Her powerful, soulful voice features on more than half of the tracks on ‘Artefacts’. The band have also expanded their musical pallet to incorporate elements of hip-hop, jazz, breakbeats and drum and bass, while still referencing the house and techno beats which defined their earlier output. The result is an album which pays as much respect to the conventions of dance music as it does to the performances of the musicians, taking in a wonderful variety of genres and styles, while keeping one eye firmly fixed on the dancefloor.


Produced by Iain Copeland

Additional Treatments by Calum Cummins

Engineered by Cabana and The Captain

Recorded at Skye Records - Isle of Skye

Mastered by Denis Blackham (Skye Mastering)

‘Artefact’ sculpture by Morvern Odling -

Layout and design by Joni Langdale -

Photography by Aliza Razell -