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Shed Life Cover

Shed Life

Shed Life
Released 28th May 2012

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Guess What

Released on 28th May 2012

“Definitely one of the best Scottish albums of 2012” – Living Tradition

Shed Life

Shed Life was released on an unsuspecting public in May 2012. We've a limited amount of the original pressing left, so if you want one, order now!

"Spearheading a radical new wave of Celtic-based dancefloor sounds, Sketch is the latest brainchild of ex-Peatbog Faeries/Session A9 drummer and producer Iain Copeland, and the perfect roof-raising act. With Iain on percussion and programming, the line-up also features the stunning Gaelic vocals of Maeve MacKinnon, with fiddler Neil Ewart and Steven Blake/Fraser Shaw on pipes and whistles and Chris Waite on guitar. Self-styled as “traditional music for the 21st century”, Sketch splice inspired instrumental and vocal work with powerhouse, live loops, beats and grooves. The band’s freewheeling improvisational prowess offer an exciting and dynamic live experience, as proved by several incendiary festival performances during summer 2011."