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Highland Time

Released 27th June 2015 

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Highland Time Cover

Released on 27th June 2015

What the …? - R2 Magazine

Sketch merrily hop from remix to acoustic and back, displaying a huge slice of wit and awareness as they power onward through twelve tracks which only those with cloth ears could fail to appreciate. - Froots Mag

Highland Time

Following on from their debut album Shed Life, Highland Time is the new release from techno-trad fusion group, Sketch.

Sketch’s sound is rooted firmly in traditional music with branches that extend into the realm of modern dance beats.

Featuring a host of Scotland’s finest musical talent. With vocals from Gaelic singer Darren Maclean and a guest appearance by Maeve Mackinnon, the album truly showcases the vibrancy of Scotland’s traditional music scene.

"Highland Time isn’t a collision of the old with the new – with traditional sounds of the fiddle and the pipes soaring above a subculture of electro bass and percussive loops – it is a bold statement of the here and the now.”