Faerie Stories Cover

Faerie Stories

Released 1997

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Faerie Stories Cover

Released  1997

Faerie Stories

Faerie Stories is the 2nd album from the Peatbog Faeries. It was recorded in Glasgow and had a limited release of 1000 cds due to record label issues.

After a resolution was found to these issues, the album still sat unreleased until an agreement and licensing deal with Greentrax Records was agreed, finally allowing the album to be released.

After some years as both Greentrax and the band's best selling album, the band reached an agreement with Greentrax and Astor Place Recordings to take over management of the album themselves. To this date the album is on 'Peatbog Records' and remains the band's best selling album.

The album was produced and mixed by Iain Copeland and Calum MacLean and was mixed on an Amek 88 analogue desk, old style. ie. no recall, so each track had to be finished before moving onto the next one. One of the tracks took 5 days of mixing and we couldn't turn the equipment off for fear of spoiling the sound.

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