Welcome To Dunvegas Cover

Welcome To Dunvegas

Released 2003

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Croftwork Cover

Released  2003

Welcome To Dunvegas

The album that started the Skye Records journey.
After a family holiday on Skye in the 90s, Iain thought it a good idea to turn one of the holiday houses he had stayed in into a studio.

The band actually agreed with this as we they had been hit with an awful series of bills when it came to 4 or 5 people staying off island for the 2 to 3 months that it normally took to record, finalise and master an album project.

So Iain installed essentially a "recording" set up in a house in Pool Roag, 3 miles south of Dunvegan. It turned out to be, not only financially better for all concerned, but a better way creatively to record an album.

At this time, Iain didn't feel that he had the equipement to finish the album at the studio, so this one was mixed in Glasgow. The next album Croftwork however, was recorded, mixed and mastered on Skye in it's entirety, but thats another story...

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