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Downloads, Photos and Reviews for Electro Trad Collective Sketch

Sketch Reviews

Some of the reviews for Sketch.
These and more are included in the Promtional Download for Sketch

Definitely one of the best Scottish albums of 2012, Shed Life is packed with punch and guaranteed to please the party animals amongst us. It even has a tourist-friendly cover – check out for a preview.”

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“What the …? insanely fast pipe medley dizzies itself over some waka-waka electronic rhythms. It’s that rare breed of folk-based tune that has you reaching for your whistle and Vick’s inhaler.”

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“Now this is a find. Iain Copeland – once of the Peatbog Faeries, should you recognise his name – helms the second offering by his electro / techno / trad collective and in doing so has created from seemingly contrary spirits a rather fetching item.”


Downloads, Photos and Reviews for Fiddle, Cello and Guitar Trio - Snuffbox

Snuffbox Reviews

“The Lucy’s 25 set has fiddle and cello switching between melody and harmony in a graceful, lilting tune by Huggan, beautifully rendered in a finely-nuanced delivery that is not afraid of the pauses between the notes that maximise emotional expression."

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“this young trio has emerged almost fully formed from the crucible of Clydeside sessions and is busily sanding off the rough edges of a very exciting sound.”

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“All three musicians’ responsiveness and ability to change roles as a set of tunes progresses, as best exemplified by Lucy’s, keep their arrangements fresh from intro to coda. It’s this musicianship and air that have placed these three players among the most in-demand musicians of their generation in Scotland.”

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Adam Sutherland

Downloads, Photos and Reviews for fiddle virtuoso Adam Sutherland

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